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Patrick Hunter

Patrick Hunter

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BIO INTRODUCTION\r\n\r\nPatrick Hunter, owner of\r\n Blue Chameleon Trainers.\r\n A dynamic, inspiring, professional speaker, author, business and personal development coach, specializing in behavior modification. He has studied extensively in to neuro and biological workings of the brain as it pertains to motivation and how to get people to actually meet and exceed goals and dreams through accelerated learning and memory techniques he’s developed, and he has taken what he has learned and used it to teach custom programs for hundreds of major companies, colleges, organizations and thousands of individuals in small businesses since the mid 1980’s.\r\nPlease welcome! Patrick Hunter\r\n\r\n\r\n He’ll help people with:\r\nMEMORY TRAINING SKILLS through his Memory Gymnastics TM system. an accelerated learning course, covering how to:\r\n• Remember names one on one or an entire room full of people. (Also available in a stand-alone program called THE POWER OF NAMES)\r\n• Cut study time by up to 60%\r\n• Memorize and gi

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